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Carrie Cousins

Designer. Writer. Editor.

Freelance designer, writer and editor. Stickler for details. My day job is in communications and content marketing.

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Heinz orig article

Inspiration Center - Business, Website and Marketing Inspiration

Attracting repeat shoppers is a goal for any small business owner. The key is wowing customers every step of the way. But where do you start? You may think it's your company's website design, but you're forgetting something. Consider the humble packaging label for your products. Never fear, we're here to show you how to make a big statement with a few simple product packaging design tips.

Gift cards orig article

How to Increase Sales with Gift Cards

Looking for a better way to connect with customers on your website? Try gift cards.

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How to Write Killer Copy for Your Website

No matter how stellar the design, no website is complete without great copy. From headlines and captions to text in meta data fields, copy keeps your visitors engaged and drives conversion. Here are some ways to write effective copy without pulling out your hair in the process.

3895644 orig article

How to Start a Fashion Blog -

Starting a fashion blog takes work, patience and dedication. Every fashion blogger needs to find a unique style and voice, conduct research, gather information and figure out ways to create the best content en route to a successful site. The following tips will show you how to start a fashion blog from the ground up.

2987179 orig article

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Your Website -

A great image can help your website, blog or online store capture attention and keep visitors engaged. However, it takes more than just expert photography to create great images for your site. Follow these image optimization tips to ensure that your images impress.

9013151 orig article

5 Business Blog Tips to Attract More Customers -

5 Business Blog Tips to Attract More Customers - We...

1909955 orig article

How To Develop a Unique Brand Personality -

How To Develop a Unique Brand Personality - Weebly....

Featuredcolorschemes article

Principles of Color and the Color Wheel

Add the right feeling and mood to your site using the color wheel mix and match hues and create effective color schemes....

2405865 article

How to Use Cards and Tiles on Your Website

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8387761 orig article

5 Ways to Make Your Website Better Today

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1421741 article

Postcard Project 2012-2013

Our postcard project has begun as of September 20, 2012 & concluded May 30, 2013.  THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to send us a postcard. We will begin the project again in September! Below......

1418557561 article

batter bake shop

made-to-order bakery in johnstown, pa...

5329428 article

Postcard Project 2013-2014

If you are going ANYWHERE, please send us a postcard! Postcards can be mailed, or just sent in to school with a student. We collect the postcards, pin them on 2 big maps, & post the postcard on the......