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Carrie Cousins

Designer. Writer. Editor.

Freelance designer, writer and editor. Stickler for details. My day job is in communications and content marketing.

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How to Ensure Your Design Uses Real Content

Building the design system with “dummy text” is not the same as using the real thing. Users need real and authentic elements to create a connection with your brand, and designers need these elements to help create that experience in the design. Although it’s become professionally acceptable to use filler text when designing websites, at best it’s lazy. At worst, it produces an end product that misses the mark.

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UI Elements You Should Start Using Right Away … And a Few to Avoid

Your web design projects should be constantly evolving as new design trends and user patterns become familiar amongst consumers. Like fashion, trends come and go. Everything from color palettes and typography styles to animations and user interactions become stale within an ever-changing web landscape.