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Designer. Writer. Editor.

Freelance designer, writer and editor. My day job is in communications and content marketing.

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Micro content 1 article

How to Design Killer Micro-Content | Design Shack

The smallest parts of a design project can be the most important. It’s something we all know conceptually, right?

But do you ever get caught just filling in these details at the last minute? Does your micro-content suffer because you are ready to be finished with a project? Don’t let that happen. Plan out micro-content from the start to create better, more usable pieces that will help make the design better than you had hoped.

Duotone article

Duotone Color: Tips & Examples for This Vibrant Trend | Design Shack

The next big web design image trend is here, and it’s vibrant, colourful, and beautiful!

Thanks to Spotify, duotone is growing in popularity almost daily. The effect, which uses a pair of colors over a photo is striking, fun and vibrant. It’s also quite trendy, with new sites changing to a duotone format almost daily. Here are a few ways to make the most of this hot design technique.

Space article

How to Create a Design That Lives in Space | Design Shack

When you think of space, the first thing that might come to mind as a designer is “white space.” Today though, we are going to look at outer space and how to design elements that live in the outer realms.

Critique article

How to Critique Your Own Work as a Freelance Designer | Design ...

Working alone can come with a lot of perks, but there are some things that always seem easier when you are in a more structured group environment. One of these things is gathering feedback for your work.

Heart 2 article

How Emotion Can Impact Your Website Conversions | Design Shack

Is there a connection between happy, sad, or funny and getting users to complete an action on a website? You bet there is!

Ux delight article

7 Tips for Delighting Users With Great UX | Design Shack

A great user experience starts with the designer. You have to imagine and create something that people will want to touch and engage with, time and time again.

Done article

How Do You Know When Your Design Is Done? | Design Shack

When you are working on a project, the most-often asked question is “when will it be finished?” This question can be an internal one (particularly if you are struggling), or it could come from a client.

Complex projects article

How to Organize Complex Design Projects | Design Shack

Not every design project is easy to delve into. Some projects, particularly new branding guidebooks, materials or website redesigns, can take a lot of time. There’s just so much content contained in the project.

Ux mobile tips article

7 UX Design Tips for Mobile Apps | Design Shack

Do you have a mobile app project in the works? What’s your design plan? Have you jumped straight in, or stopped to consider the experience that the end user is going to have when they first open the app?

Crowd article

7 Tips to Make You Stand Out From the Crowd | Design Shack

The freelance economy is growing every day. In mid-2015 more than 15.5 million people in the United States classified themselves as self-employed, and Fast Company reported that projections show that number could increase to 60 million by 2020.

Ux tips article

7 UX Tips You Might Not Have Considered | Design Shack

Great user experience starts early in the design process. It is in no way a last minute add-on — it’s something you need to consider right from the outset!

Hamburger icon article

5 Alternatives to Drop-Down Hover Menus | Design Shack

Is the era of drop-down hover menus over? It might well be. This design pattern doesn’t work for today’s users. The concept is clunky and doesn’t always translate well to smaller screens.

Hree article

Design Theory: The Rule of Three | Design Shack

One. Two. Three. Now stop counting and think about how elements grouped in threes can work for your projects. It’s an interesting concept but one that crosses multiple disciplines.

Orchid lede article

Radiant Orchid Named Pantone Color of the Year: Now What ...

Radiant Orchid Named Pantone Color of the Year: Now What? by Carrie Cousins on 19th December 2013 with No Comments. radiant orchid. Unless you have ......

Whig article

Food-Based Web Design Tips to Make Visitors Hungry | Design Shack

It's the same routine every date night: “where...